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Fanmix - Dancing In A Minefield, Glee Mix

Dancing In A Minefield, A Glee Mix

I have not made a mix in what feels like forever and I was feeling kinda arty yesterday so I made what is now the cover for this mix and so the following mix then came about, I hope you like it :)
**my apologies also for only having individual download links, my net is being screwy and won't let me upload the album as a whole, if I get it to work I will add it to the post.

Dancing In A Minefield - A Glee Mix

**click on the images if you want to see full sized versions

Track List & Individual Downloads

01. We Walk ~~~~ The Ting Tings
You never alter
You’re always you
Everything’s breaking
But I don’t care
Smash the rest up
Burn it down
Put us in the corner ‘cus we’re into ideas

02. Let your love grow tall ~~~~ Passion Pit

In pastures blue and green
I'll follow you and you'll follow me
My fabrics mystery
I'll wave your loyality in the freezing
Breeze so desperately
03. Teenagers ~~~~ Japayork
We feel great, taking chances on the floor somehow
With the bills, cheap thrills, pink shirts and drinks its all....
The bright lights, the ladies dream feel the fire...

04. Shake ~~~~ Hey Champ
Cool kids shakes in the shadow of a star
With our head held straight how we fake exactly what we are
A soul less like religion, a smile more like the sun
Aperfect understanding of everyone
Oh someone shake me

05. Dancing in a minefield ~~~~ Plushgun
And we were dropping bombs with our sneakers on
And we were dancing in a minefield with a bottle of whiskey
'Cause you cant tell us what to do
And we were winning the war with a lighter and a peace pipe
And through the barricades they'll push their hate

06. Getting Down ~~~~ The Kills
I'm getting down with the young drunk lovers
I'm getting down with the one way pack
I'm getting down with the city and the pity of it
I'm getting down with it

07. Riot Rhythm ~~~~ Sleigh Bells
Dear heart don't stop fighting
We're going to fight the lighting
Its not hell or heaven
just like riot rhythm!

You've gotta march!

08. We Are Young ~~~~ 3OH!3
I broke free, cast away, Wont find me
And now your never gonna break me down, gonna break me down
This is all I can take, so farewell cause your never gonna find me now, gonna find me now

We are young! We are young!
We drink and we fight and we love just because we are dumb, we're on the run and your never gonna chase us down
we are young.

09. Uprising ~~~~ Muse
They will not force us
They will stop degrading us
They will not control us
We will be victorious

10. Same Old Innocence ~~~~ Architecture In Helsinki
And you can see me be discreet
Keeping visions of defeat
All ashamed about the same old innocence

11. Tell 'Em ~~~~ Sleigh Bells
All the kids, all the kids these days
All the kids, all the kids these days
Do you really wanna be that way?
Do you really wanna be that way?

Let me say, let me say, let me say
Let me say, let me say, let me say
Does it really have to be that way?
Does it really have to be that way?

12. We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives ~~~~ Los Campesinos!

There‘s red stains all over the place, but they're not blood they're cherryade
We throw parties, you throw knives, it's all the same if the fizzy drinks are nice

13. Forever And Ever Amen ~~~~ The Drums
We, we are the ones,
When we're together
We, we are the young,
We live forever

14. Dog Days Are Over (demo version) ~~~~ Florence And The Machine

Run fast for your mother; run fast for your father /
Run for your children all your sisters and brothers /
Leave all your love and your longing behind.
You can't carry it with you / if you want to survive

Hope you liked the mix
If there are any problems with links please let me know and I shall fix them as soon as I can :)

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