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Art/Mix: I'm Froze By Desire

Art/Mix for:
I’m Froze By Desire
Author: an_an0maly
Artist: spencer_t 
Pairing: (RPF) Lea Michele/Dianna Agron

Ok so here is the art I made for the Glee Femslash Big Bang halabalooza!

I was assigned to make art for an_an0maly's fic..which was awesome cause her writing is friggen awesome! 
I hope you like the banner, icons & mix :)

Banner - Click on banner to see full size :)


Download Here
Front & Back cover included in Zip folder

Track Listing:
1. Do You Mind? --- The XX
2. Flames --- Vast
3. Explode --- Uh Huh Her
4. Islands --- The XX
5. Fragile --- God Is An Astronaut
6. Cosmic Love --- Florence & The Machine

**if you would like individual links to tracks please let me know and I shall upload them for you

hope you like everything, thanks! :)

Tags: actress: dianna agron, actress: lea michele, icons: glee cast, resources:fonts, resources:images, resources:textures

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